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Fractal Mushroom Flowers

I’ve been toying around with the thought of selling some of my art pieces at NFT’s. Ya I know what you’re thinking, yet another AI artist thinks their stuff is cool and wants to make money off his or her work.

However I figured I would generate 14 unique pieces of Fractal Mushroom flowers to put on OpenSea to help fund my server costs and put food and beer on my table.

II work hard on generating my stuff and have been creating AI art since 2020 with some of my first style transfers. It takes me many, many iterations to get things looking how I want and I’m just trying to recover a bit of the costs that go into my work.

If you like these Fractal Mushroom Flowers head on over to my OpenSea Collection and purchase one or help share the love and promote them on your social feeds.

These are created with ruDALL-E and each image took around 50 minutes to generate.

Final Output Size is 5984 x 5984 and images range from 75-85megs each which makes it great to print on canvas or metal to hang on your wall at home.

Here is an example of what it could look like on your wall if you print the NFT out to Metal or Canvas.

Win a Fractal Mushroom Flower NFT

I’m also giving away the original first Fractal Mushroom Flower 00 to one lucky person.


Once you have done that leave a comment below with the following.

  • Leave your Twitter and IG account names in the comments below
  • Leave your Polygon ETH address in the comments below

We will pick one lucky person at the end of May and transfer the NFT to his or her account.

*Comments will be hidden and can be seen in our backend for your privacy, also you dont need to fill out anything bug the subject, you can keep email and other fields blank.

*It’s super important that you leave your Polygon ETH address no other address will be accepted.

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