Dreaming Computers
Which Door Will You Choose?
These are the artworks that my computer dreams up...
Fractalized Stained Glass
The fracture of the minds eye detailed in this piece
The Space Shaman
Even in space you will be guided though the spirit world

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A Dream Come True

Over the past few years I have been making the pilgrimage out to the Black Rock Desert for my yearly journey to Burning Man. It has always

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deforum stable diffusion v5

Deforum Stable Diffusion v0.5

A new version of the popular Deforum Stable Diffusion notebook has just been updated to version 0.5 with some very cool and new additions! Notebook Link What’s

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Deforum Stable Diffusion

We just added two new sections that cover Deforum Stable Diffusion (DSD) which we have been using for the past few weeks since it came out. You

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Steve Tietze: This artist is the founder of the website. Steve Tietze has been working in the art field since since he received his first computer a

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Fractal Mushroom Flowers

I’ve been toying around with the thought of selling some of my art pieces at NFT’s. Ya I know what you’re thinking, yet another AI artist thinks

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