Dreaming Computers

This was one of my first videos that I think I was able to strike a balance on the look and feel I was going for with the prompts I used in Disco Diffusion.

I have always been a fan of the dark type of imagery and Cthulhu being one of the things I remember as a kid which scared the hell out of me.

This was a 500 Frame animation that I used Flow Frames to interpolate the 500 frames to 60fps with a 2x slow down. I felt after a few tests that this was the speed I was looking for in this video.

If anyone is interested I can do a tutorial on using Flow Frames.

As As for the look and feel, unfortunately I can’t find the original file with all my settings but I do remember the base prompt and some settings in DD that I usually start out with for this type of look.

Basic Settings

  • Base Prompt – “A Cosmic Entity Call of Cthulhu by Tyler Edlin trending on Artstation”
  • CLIP Guidance Scale – 35,000
  • Frame Scale – 35,000
  • Saturation Scale – 10,000 (I think this really lead to uniqueness of the colors)
  • 3D Animation Mode Translate Z – 0:(6)

I wish I had all my original settings but i’ll do a better job of keeping them in safe places.

Also I think this was maybe my 100th animation test with DD so I was still getting my feet wet on tweaking the settings to my personal liking.


I was really trying to capture what Cthulhu may dream about, so I spent a bit of time doing some research on various prompts that matched what I wanted my computer to dream up.

  • Cthulhu
  • Cosmic Entity
  • High Priest
  • Green Octopus
  • Kraken
  • End of the Universe
  • Artist – Tyler Edlin
  • Artist – HP Lovecraft
  • Artist – Giger

Below are some frames from the original video that where rendered out at 1280×704 and the final video was upscaled to 4k using Topaz Video Enhance AI

Final Video

This is the final output scaled up to 4k and compressed for Youtube.

Cthulhu’s Dreams – Interpreted by AI

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Software Used

  • Disco Diffusion 5.0 Turbo
  • Flow Frames
  • Topaz Video Enhance AI

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