Dreaming Computers

The Journey through Dreaming Computers

Here is a 30 minute video that is a combination of months of doing various tests using Disco Diffusion and Jax. As we all know you can tweak a lot of settings with Disco Diffusion and Jax and most of the time the video’s created are crap.

I recently looked at my video folder and I’m up to over 600 videos generated since the beginning of this year and I would say 3/4 of them are just throwaways. The good part about all of this testing is finding your own look, feel and style along with the settings you tend to gravitate too.

The video has chapter markers with the titles of each video and if they where created with DD or JAX

Disco Diffusion



The majority of this video was created with Disco Diffusion 4.1 – 5.6 with lots and lots of testing before settling on the final version of each video.

JAX 2D Adaptation



I also love to use the JAX 2D notebook that was adapted by huemin and is an edit based on nshepperd’s original notebook.

This currently only has 2D animation but I love using this to test out some symmetry ideas, and I wrote an article on how I use this notebook to create my videos here.

Software Used

  • Disco Diffusion Notebook (Linked Above)
  • Jax 2D Notebook (Linked Above)
  • Visions of Chaos (my goto app – walk through video coming soon)
  • Flow Frames (video interpolation and slowdown)
  • Video Enhance AI (upscaling)
  • Adobe Premier Pro

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